Summer 2020

Food Distributions: Making a Difference:

By: Mariano Borge: UCM’s Country Director for Nicaragua

These are just some of the testimonies we heard from the families after our last distribution. Praise the Lord for all who are providing funds to help these and other desperate families.

Most of the families in the EAC program have told me the food has been a great blessing for them and that they have received the food just in time because they are going through such a hard time. They also said they did not know how they would have fed their families in this time, but they are thankful that God provided through UCM. For Instance:

Jubina from Ebenezer Church said her dad could not work for a month because the work was slow and he was sick with fever. Jubina’s mom told me that they have survived this time with the food received through UCM. From Hebron LA Church, Joanna, who is the mother of Daniel, Joan and Jason, lost her job in a restaurant. The restaurant closed because someone got sick with covid-19. She thanks God for the food she and her kids received through UCM because that is the only way she can feed her kids through this time. She is pregnant too. Yanitza Rivas also from Hebron LA Church lost her job selling bread for a bakery that closed. She has been feeding her family with the
food from UCM.

From Roca Fiel Church, Jose Aguilar who sells clothes and underwear on the street told me that he is not selling any- thing because of the pandemic. He is home and he told me thank God we have this food from UCM. That is what we have been eating. He said they get cheese and eat with rice and beans. They make tortillas with the flour. From Hebron, Gabriel said his family is surviving with the food they received from UCM. Gabriel and his sister, Ismara came to the mission center and helped bag food for the distribution and they received some money for helping.

President and Co-founder: Rev. David Webb
Vice President and Co-founder: Nancy Webb
UCM Country Director, Nicaragua: Mariano Borge Director, Educate-a-Child (EAC): Nancy Webb
EAC Child Coordinator, Nicaragua: Oscar Perez Orlando EAC Assistant: Carlos Borge
Office Managers: Roxanne Tate, Jan Crow
Treasurer: Adam Fisher

Blessed to be a Blessing

Forty year old church planter and pastor, Abel and his wife, Jessenia, along with their two daughters, Huri (9) and Xiurell (13), arrived in Jinotega with little more than the clothes on their backs. The last eight years he served as a pastor at a small church in Las Mercedez.

Pastor Abel and his family, like many church planters, knows what it’s like to suffer for our Lord. He struggled to pay the $50 rent for one room in someone’s home he rented for his family to live in. He was doing what he could to support his family by planting beans for a farmer and doing some odd electrical jobs. With the economy in shambles, his ability to find work was almost impossible. They had to move with no place to go. He appealed to the government and was granted a piece of land, 22×33 feet on a steep mountainside overlooking Jinotega. It was then he appeared at UCM’s Center for Hope where he had received spiritual training years earlier thru UCM’s School of Pastoral Leadership, to see if there was any way UCM could help him.

With the help of donations made to the Ministerial Assistance Fund, UCM purchased the materials for a small house. Pastor Abel and his family lived in the structure while they were building it. In order to prevent them from sleeping on the ground, UCM provided cots and Educate a Child sponsors for daughters, Huri and Xiurell. Jessenia says she is so thankful to God for the compassion that UCM shared for them. She added, “We can never repay you. We pray God blesses you and that He gives you strength to continue helping others and that He will protect you in these hard times.” Xiurell said, “When we didn’t have a home, we were moving from one place to another like a dog in the streets.” She says she is so thankful God heard her prayers and UCM helped. She went on to say she loves UCM and prays for the ministry every day. They are so happy to have kitchen area inside their house, with a water faucet only a block away. When Pastor Abel talked with David Webb, he shared, “Please tell everybody how they will never know how grateful we are for what they have done for us. I pray God will bless them as He has blessed us.”


Ministry Highlight: A Sponsor’s Experience

I have had the opportunity to go to Jinotega, Nicaragua with United Christian Missions on four different occasions. Each time, I was overwhelmed by the great need, but amazed at the love, appreciation, and genuine love of God displayed by the people.


The highlight of the February, 2020 trip was getting to meet the two children I sponsor in the EAC program for the first time. When Nancy introduced me to Julio and told him I was his sponsor, he ran to me and threw his arms around me and gave me the biggest hug! When I met Huri, she sang for me in her beautiful sweet little voice. I also had the opportunity to reconnect with Jessica, whom I sponsored until she graduated from secondary school. She shared with me that she is taking college classes and plans to get her degree. I realized for the first time just how much the children and their parents in the EAC program sincerely love and appreciate us for giving them the opportunity to go to school and what a lasting impact this can have on their future! What a blessing for me!

Kaye Jolly, Patterson Grove Baptist Church

Can you give a child a chance? UCM currently has children waiting to be sponsored. You have the opportunity to provide an education and spiritual training to a child in need! Contact us Contact Us to find out more!

Grave Condition

Conditions continue to go from bad to worse in Nicaragua, due to the spread of Covid-19. Essentially, no programs are in place to prevent or contain the virus. With the government’s inability and resistance to record cases, there is no accurate way of knowing the number of cases and deaths. Because of Nicaragua’s casual approach to deal with the virus, experts predict the country will be hit harder and suffer longer than other Central American countries.

The hospitals throughout the country are full and people are being buried during the night with families being told of their deaths after the burials. The entire country has only 160 ventilators. The government has not closed schools and parents are fearful of sending their kids to school. Many doctors and medical personnel have died. Some even fired when they voiced the concern over the lack of protective medical equipment. Deaths for the most part are being labeled anything other than the corona virus.

Despite efforts by the government to continue as if the country is not being affected, every facet of the economy, which was already in despair, appears to be worsening by the day. Most churches are not meeting, street food vendors are becoming sparse and businesses are closing. Almost all the families and churches we serve have no available work and without UCM’s food distributions, would have no food in their homes. Our goal is to distribute, at a minimum, between 3 and 4 tons of food each month, to all EAC families, families living at the dump and the nursing home. Please pray for this country we love. Also pray for Mariano, Oscar and their families, as they assemble and oversee food distributions.

In His Service – David


Can you imagine playing soccer or basketball in leather uniform shoes, that are completely worn out because of daily use? Each Christmas, some of our EAC sponsors send extra funds for their sponsored child to receive a Christmas gift. This year, in order for all the children to receive a gift instead of just some, we are asking people to consider making a donation of $20 toward the purchase of a new pair of tennis shoes for each sponsored child. Our goal is to provide each child a pair of tennis shoes that they can wear in P.E. at school. Tennis shoes are a luxury that only few families can afford. We need to raise the funds now, so that we can determine sizes and place the order in time for them to be received at Christmas. This gift is both a practical gift, yet would bring much joy to the EAC children.

Ways to Give

The fastest way to give is through our website under the donate tab here on our website. Of course, you may always make a check made payable to UCM and mail it to PO Box 1038, Boiling Springs, NC 28017. Another option is to set up auto draft through your bank. Please designate how you want your gift used.

Did You Know?

Estate Gifts through one’s Will, Trust or Endowment are the best methods of giving long after one has departed from this life. These type gifts often are the largest gifts individuals make and have the greatest impact on a ministry. Giving through one’s Will can be accomplished with simple wording that UCM will provide any individual, family or legal representative upon request. David Webb is well-versed in the different types of estate gifts and UCM has a working relationship with NC Baptist Foundation if additional assistance is needed.

We are now set up to receive gifts of vehicles that the ministry can sell and the donor receive the donation for tax purposes.

You can also elect to make gifts in honor or memory of someone. UCM will notify the honorees.

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