Educate A Child

An education is one of the most important earthly possessions a person can have. Illiteracy and lack of education are the two forces that continue to perpetuate the extreme poverty in which these children live. The majority of Nicaraguan children are unable to go to school past the sixth grade. Many cannot attend school because they have to work to help support the family.


It is typical in a Third World country for the government to require students in public schools to wear uniforms to remove economic and class distinctions for students. While many parents understand the value of an education, the price of uniforms and school supplies are an expense that many households cannot afford. Unfortunately, education for most families is only a dream.

At UCM, we believe that meeting spiritual needs and meeting physical needs go hand in hand. Educate a Child was designed to help children attend school while providing weekly spiritual instruction for them to grow in their faith. This is where our Educate a Child sponsorship program begins.

The pastors and churches identify the children who cannot afford to go to school. An Educate a Child sponsorship of  $25 a month or $300 per year provides the following:

  • 2 white shirts
  • 2 blue pants or skirts
  • 6 pairs of socks
  • 3 pair of leather shoes
  • School supplies
  • Bible
  • Dictionary
  • Weekly spiritual training, discipleship material, support and encouragement through a local Christian church
  • Pastoral training for the pastors of the participating churches
  • Educate A Child sponsors receive photographs, a letter, and detailed information on the child they sponsor an additional updates throughout the year